Unique contemporary glass designed and hand made by Linda of L.E. Originals are the hallmark of my Jewellery and Gifts.  From fun to whimsical, functional to fashionable you won't be disappointed with any of my pieces, for each is made with love from my heart and my imagination just for you. Perfect for all ages, young girls, teens girls and adult women can find the perfect gift of jewellery for birthdays, graduations, confirmations, anniversaries, holidays, special occasions, and events. Each piece is a uniquely made one of a kind, one at a time work of art. At L.E.Originals Contemporary Jewellery and Gifts, I would LOVE to make a contemporary piece for you, orders can be placed using the e-mail form on the contact us page.

I've been doing lamp work glass since 2004 and my pieces and designs are only limited by my imagination. I'm a self taught glass artist and I love making beautiful Jewellery at affordable prices. 

I love the look of multiple bracelets, I saw the look and I started my L.E. Originals Expandable Bracelet by Linda Collection. They're so much fun to wear and can represent the things you like in life by the hand made beads I've created. This Collection of bracelets are a wonderful and inexpensive gift for family, friends,or for yourself. Made of Stainless steel so they never tarnish and are easy to clean with soap and water. The price is so worth it at only $15.00 each or 2 for $25.00. The C Z Collection pieces sell for $17.00 or 2 for $30.00.